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Symptopro Fertility Education

On Demand

SymptoPro has been providing quality, effective Natural Family Planning instruction for over 35 years. For this course you will need a basal thermometer and a copy of our student manual, which is available in print as well as in eBook format. All clients are assigned a personal instructor who will guide them through three comprehensive learning sessions and all related assignments. Our Fertility Education Course takes a minimum of 4-6 weeks to complete, and you can get started with Session One as soon as you sign up.

If engaged or married, you are expected and encouraged to complete this course as a couple. If distance does not allow you to be together when you go through the materials, please try to go through the course at approximately the same pace. NFP is the most successful and enriching when it has the support and participation of both of you, so we encourage an open mind and a willing heart.

*If you need a Certificate of Completion as part of your marriage preparation program, please let your instructor know.*

**Please note that course purchases made through SymptoPro will display as a payment to Northwest Family Services (NWFS) on a credit card statement.**