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SymptoPro Charting Program

On Demand

*Please note you do not need to purchase access to the Charting Program if you are purchasing the online course or have purchased the online course in the past.*

**If you have NOT yet taken a full course of instruction in the past, access to this program does NOT include access to an instructor. Access to this program allows you to send charts to your SymptoPro instructor only IF you have previously taken a course of instruction from SymptoPro. If you have not before taken a full course of instruction, that aspect of the program will be removed.** 

This program means paperless and online charting that allows you to enter daily observations, is compatible with laptop or tablet and allows you to keep all of your charts organized in one place. Charts can also be shared with your instructor via the click of a button! Purchasing the app is a one-time fee!

Will this program interpret my charts for me?

You will be able to place your own interpretation on your charts, but this program will NOT offer automatic interpretation. Each woman and each cycle may have many variations that would benefit from the trained eye of a certified SymptoPro Instructor. We want to continue to equip you with the skills to truly understand your fertility and make active decisions about your cycles, instead of placing your fertility in the hands of a device or program that may not be able to maintain our high effectiveness rates. Additionally, we want to continue to encourage you to contact your instructor for help if you have questions or frustrations. We hope that this program allows each couple to do that in a more efficient and timely manner.